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Dave Hamilton – guest column in Herald Express

Dave Hamilton – author of Grow Your Food for Free – well, almost – appeared as a guest columnist in Herald Express. Below is the article. Advertisements

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The Weeder’s Digest – The Ecologist Review

Published on The Ecologist’s website – 17th July 2012 The Weeder’s Digest by Gail Harland Ever had trouble spotting your hogweed from your hemlock, or your coltsfoot from your charlock? It’s a problem Andy McKee will never face again, thanks … Continue reading

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Occupy World Street – an introduction

The spontaneous emergence of Occupy Wall Street in New York in September of 2011 struck a chord that resonated around the world. Like a bolt of lightning out of the blue, the demonstrators in Zuccotti Park—chanting “We are the 99 … Continue reading

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Convergence with Nature – a piece for Resurgence Magazine

Silence, Water, and the Dao ‘Our age’, writes John Lane, is ‘hostile to silence and, with it, to reverence for nature’. His words point to a connection between silence and an appropriate relationship with the natural environment, as do those … Continue reading

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The Bee-Kind Garden – an author’s introduction

The Bee-Kind Garden Apian Wisdom for your garden David Squire An Introduction For thousands of years the lives and activities of honey bees have been interwoven with our own. Early legends claim bees originated in Paradise, where they were known … Continue reading

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